Tools for Our Researchers

Navigating Research can be a time consuming task at any institution. When conducing research across organizations, the complexity seems that much more overwhelming. WE-SPARK Health Institute is the central hub for health research across our partner organizations. We can guide researchers through the processes that are essential for moving research forward and for engaging the community –contact us directly to help you navigate the system –

If you are looking to contact someone at our partner institutions, here are some key research contacts:

Research Services:

Hôtel-Dieu Grace Healthcare, Department of Research and Evaluation Services

Contact: Marla Jackson, Manager, Research and Innovation


St. Clair College, Applied Research and Development

Contact: Peter Wawrow, Director, Applied Research and Development


University of Windsor, Office of Research and Innovation

Contact: Ingrid Qemo, Health Research Coordinator


Windsor Regional Hospital, Office of Research

Contact: Grace Park, Coordinator

Igniting Connections Collaboration Platform

Igniting Connections Collaboration Platform Windsor-Essex is known for its partnerships and community connections. At WE-SPARK Health Institute, collaboration is at the heart of everything we do. We have learned that Windsor-Essex has all the expertise we need to drive discovery and solutions, we just need help finding each other to make it happen. Our Igniting Connections Collaboration Platform is here to field your requests, and see how WE-SPARK can help you move forward.   Submit a Request

Research Registry

Research Registry If you are a researcher and would like to have your study listed on our Research Registry, please click the button below.   Research Registry Request

Grant Success

Grant Success Finding Funding Opportunities How to Use Pivot to Find Funding Opportunities Grant Writing Workshops   CIHR Support Pre-Award Steps Post-Award Steps What CIHR Grant is Best for What I Want to Do? SWORP Tools SWORP General Timeline Steps Needed for Students to Access Patient Charts for Research Projects at Windsor Regional Hospital RA Salary Form

Research Ethics Boards

Research Ethics Boards Resources and tools to help you understand and navigate the REB processes at our partner organizations.

Community Engagement

Community Engagement Coming soon!

Knowledge Translation

Knowledge Translation The WE-SPARK Knowledge Translation Cycle  “Knowledge Translation (KT) is a process of exchange between researchers and ‘knowledge users’ designed to make relevant research information available and accessible to stakeholders for use in learning, practice, planning and policy-making.”   Our WE-SPARK Knowledge Translation (KT) Committee develops tools to support researchers at all stages of the KT cycle. These tools will help you translate and apply research information to inspire and drive change. We are continuously adding and updating these tools, so check back often.     1. What is KT? KT Processes and Strategies KT Toolkit (Coming Soon) 2. KT Planning KT Planning Checklist KT Planning Checklist Worksheet Support Successful Collaborations - Acronyms Tips for KT Planning 3. KT Development KT Workshop (Coming Soon) 4. KT Implementation KT Workshop (Coming Soon) 5. Ongoing KT Evaluation         The KT Gallery (Coming Soon) A place to showcase our members' KT materials.

Research Navigation

Research Navigation Providing you with the tools to understand the research processes makes for easier navigation across our partner organizations.  Fresh Tissue Trials Fresh Tissue Trial Overview Fresh Tissue Trial Process Map UWindsor Adjunct Professor Status The Benefits and Process Biobanking Coming soon Clinical Trials Coming soon