Other Events of Interest

Creating Web Maps with ArcGIS Online

Creating Web Maps with ArcGIS Online - April 15th - 8:00 am This workshop is hosted by Leddy Library. Do you want to create your own web map?  ArcGIS Online is a web-based mapping platform that allows you to create interactive maps and applications and share them across the Internet. This workshop will introduce you to the basics of online mapping using ArcGIS Online. You will begin by exploring spatial data in the form of map layers that are available on the Web. You will then make a map using data from ArcGIS Online, add your data from a text file, symbolize the data, and then share your completed map with others. Lastly, you'll package a web map as an intuitive, professional-looking app. Please note: Previous experience with GIS are not required for this workshop, just an interest and/or desire to learn. Before attending the workshop, please create a free ArcGIS public account using this link. Thursday April 15 from 12:00-1:00pm Join the workshop using this link. More information about other research data workshops can be found on the Leddy…

Specialist Knowledge Translation Training for Graduate Students 2021

Specialist Knowledge Translation Training for Graduate Students 2021 - May 11th - 11:00 am A well-developed knowledge translation (KT) plan is often a proposal requirement for health research funding agencies in Canada and abroad. In addition, various sectors are demonstrating greater attention to the utilization and impact of research. The Specialist Knowledge Translation Training (SKTT™) workshop was developed on the premise that scientists, and increasingly, other practitioners and educators, are agents of change in creating research impact, promoting research utilization, and ensuring that research findings reach the appropriate audiences. This course was designed to teach the unique skill set that surrounds KT practice. This is a one day introduction to knowledge translation planning and practice for graduate students. To register and learn more, visit their website.

Wellness Through Grace

Wellness Through Grace - May 13th - 8:30 am On May 13th, 2021, the Youth Advisory Council at Hôtel-Dieu Grace Healthcare will be hosting Wellness Through Grace; A free virtual event for Grade 10 students across Windsor-Essex County.  Created to assist students in developing safe activities, initiatives and projects for their school clubs, teams and committees and to encourage the implementation of mental wellness in all aspects of their lives. There are limited tickets available. The first 200 registrants will receive a virtual "swag bag". Once you log into the event on May 13th, your presence at our event will be confirmed, and your school will be notified of your attendance. Follow the Youth Advisory Council on their Instagram page to stay up to date with Wellness Through Grace, meet about their members, and learn about physical and mental wellness tools. You can follow them here or through their handle @HDGHYAC. To register and learn more, visit the registration page here.

Sustaining Knowledge Translation Interventions

Sustaining Knowledge Translation Interventions - May 31st - 6:00 pm Hosted by JBI. Knowledge translation plays a critical role in evidence-based healthcare and improving health outcomes. Dr Straus will discuss how to approach sustainability of Knowledge Translation interventions and research in the context of COVID-19. Click here to learn more and register.

17th Annual Oncology Research & Education “Day”

17th Annual Oncology Research & Education “Day” - June 14th - 7:00 pm Schulich Department of Oncology and the Center for Translational Cancer Research is hosting its 17th Annual Oncology Research and Education 'Day'. Oncology Research and Education Day brings together hundreds of trainees, scientists, clinicians and staff working in cancer care and research from across regional healthcare organizations and teaching institutions including London Health Sciences Centre, London Regional Cancer Program, Robarts Research Institute, Lawson Health Research Institute, Western University, Windsor Regional Cancer Program, Cancer Research Labs, the Schulich School of Medicine and Dentistry and more. For more information, visit their website.