Brain Health and Neuroscience

Brain Health and Neuroscience Coming soon!  Visit this site to learn about our researchers, funded projects, upcoming events and news about our progress in this important area.

C4G Network

C4G Network Cures4Glioma (C4G) is a network designed to unite glioma researchers with the goal of accelerating discovery and making meaningful steps forward in the glioma field.


Cancer The Windsor Cancer Research Group(WCRG)is an assembly of local researchers,healthcare professionals and community partners working together to build teams to strengthen our local cancer research programs and bridge collaborations with our neighbouring cancer centres.

Cardiac Consortium

Cardiac Consortium Cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death worldwide. Cardiac rehabilitation programs offer important physical and mental health benefits, reduce hospitalizations and lower rates of death.

Centre for Human Performance and Health (CHPH)

Centre for Human Performance and Health (CHPH) CHPH is a multidisciplinary centre located within the Faculty of Human Kinetics, which is comprised of both the academic Department of Kinesiology and the Division of Athletics and Recreation Services.

Clinical Trials

Clinical Trials Clinical Trials are an important part of any research network. In Windsor-Essex, clinician researchers at the Windsor Regional Cancer Program are conducting multiple clinical trials of experimental drugs and therapies through the Clinical Trials Department.


COVID-19 Research Mobilization Teams have been initiated. These are collaborative hubs created to respond to health problems in our community, connect people with particular areas of expertise and organize, share and track information for teams and projects. A few initial teams have been formed in response to COVID-19: Personal Protective Equipment Healthy Cities Mental Health Screening Disease Modelling Through our growing network, we can help make the research connections necessary to drive enhancements in health.  Go to our Collaboration Platform to get connected.

HDGH Research and Evaluation Services

HDGH Research and Evaluation Services The Department of Research and Evaluation Services at Hôtel-Dieu Grace Healthcare (HDGH) promotes excellence in every care experience by integrating research, evaluation and evidence into practice. They do this by providing services to support their employees, physicians and affiliated researchers in conducting research, evaluation and knowledge transfer and education (KTE) to benefit residents across the region.

SCC Applied Research and Development

SCC Applied Research and Development Applied Research and Development at St. Clair College collaborates with local businesses and organizations to develop real-world solutions for their specific innovative needs. These solutions will ultimately facilitate the economic growth and innovation capacity of the business or organization, and of the region as a whole.

Master of Science in Translational Health Science

Master of Science in Translational Health Science The Masters of Science in Translational Health Science (MSTHS) professional program is designed to provide students with education and skills to enter a wide variety of career paths in translational health sciences. Students will gain the experience they need to find careers implementing clinical trials in industry, clinical, and academic settings, as well as work for government agencies and communtiy organizations that engage in disease prevention and health promotion.

Sexual Health

Sexual Health Coming soon!

Windsor Essex Compassion Care Community

Windsor Essex Compassion Care Community The Windsor Essex Compassion Community (WECCC) has been designed as community-driven collective impact effort, long-term population health research program, and learning health organization.

Mental Health

Mental Health Our Mental Health and Addictions Program is currently being developed. Details about the program will be coming soon. For information about experts in the field, see the Researcher tab. For projects focused on mental health and additions, review the projects tab.

New And Emerging Programs

New And Emerging Programs If your primary affiliation is with one of the four WE-SPARK partner organizations, you can apply to have your program, group or network added to our WE-SPARK website. Please contact us for more details: