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Join Us - Become a WE-SPARK Member


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Funded Projects by WE-SPARK Core Members

WE-SPARK Grants Program

WE-SPARK Grants Program

Tools for Our Researchers

Tools for Our Researchers

WE-SPARK is committed to creating a dynamic research environment that enables, supports and promotes excellence. We make it a priority to facilitate and support collaborative and translational research projects and programs in our region, advising on tools and supports needed to navigate the health research system. We have developed a WE-SPARK Health Grants Program, and support the professional development of our members. Our Collaboration Platform makes research connections to drive enhancements in health.

Driving this strategic priority forward is our Research Development Committee.

Committee Members:

Ingrid Qemo (Chair)

University of Windsor, ORIS

Caroline Hamm

Windsor Regional Hospital

Simon Rondeau-Gagne

University of Windsor, Faculty of Science

Lisa Porter

WE-SPARK Health Institute

Karen Metcalfe

WE-SPARK Health Institute

Jennifer Voth

Hôtel Dieu Grace Healthcare

Chris Abeare

University of Windsor, Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences

Jody Ralph

University of Windsor, Faculty of Nursing

Peter Wawrow

St. Clair College