Innovation Hub

The Innovation Hub is a WE-SPARK led initiative that aims to create a network of health care innovators. This will be acheived through a suite of innovation offerings, including webinars, events, and programs, that will support our members with their innovation efforts. Watch out for further updates!


What is Innovation?

Innovation is the discovery and implementation of new solutions or improvements to an existing problem and which are impactful and provide value to the healthcare system. Innovations can be in the form of products, services, programs, and/or processes and do not have to be a commercially-viable product or make a profit. 


Innovation Ambassadors Program

The Innovation Ambassadors Program aims to create an interconnected and supportive community of innovators, who are able to respond to problems within the health care system. Comprised of innovators from the four partner institutions, this program aims to identify and act upon regional health and health care problems, connect with a diverse audience of industry and community partners, and forge partnerships with other innovators in regional ecosystems across Canada and internationally. 


The Purpose:

  1. Cultivate an environment that empowers and supports those currently involved in or are interested in learning more about health and health care innovation
  2. Engage students by showcasing the work of our ambassadors and the opportunities that exist within this sub sector
  3. Create a network of multidisciplinary teams that are ready to respond to problems in our healthcare system through innovative solutions
  4. Promote new technology ventures to foster economic development within the Windsor Essex region
  5. Enable innovative research projects by engaging investors, funding agencies, and industry

Our Ambassadors