Our Impact

WE-SPARK Health Institute is driven by our mission to enhance the health, well-being and care of people through transformative research and knowledge translation. Our impact reports outline how we are working hard together to achieve this.

Impact Reports

Annual Impact Reports

WE-SPARK Health 2019-2020 Impact Report

2019-2020 Impact Report

The theme of our first impact report - Uniting Strengths - showcases the unique strengths each of our partners brings to advancing health research, and demonstrates the power of collaboration.


Quarterly Reports


Q1 - May 2020 - July 2020

Q1 2020-2021 Impact Report

Quarterly Report



Q2 - August 2020 - October 2020

Quarterly Report



Q3 - November 2020 - January 2021

Q3 2020-2021 Impact Report

Quarterly Report