Education And Training

WE-SPARK is committed to translating and transferring research information to inspire and drive change. We make it a priority to develop and support opportunities for knowledge transfer and education.

Driving this strategic priority forward is our Knowledge Translation Committee.


Committee Members:

Pete Wawrow (Chair)

St. Clair College

Linda DiRosa

Hôtel Dieu Grace Healthcare

Indryas Woldie

Windsor Regional Hospital

Dave Andrews

UWindsor, Faculty of Human Kinetics

Lisa Porter

WE-SPARK Health Institute

Dora Cavallo-Medved

UWindsor, Faculty of Science

Jody Ralph

UWindsor, Faculty of Nursing


Volunteer Network

Volunteer Network Student Volunteer Network  The WE-SPARK Volunteer Network is a collaborative and interdisciplinary team of post-secondary students working to support and advance local health research. WE-SPARK works with our student volunteers to match them with projects that align with their interests and best suit their talents, skills, and/or needs. WE-SPARK also facilitates self-initiated projects, giving students the tools and guidance required to actively move research forward in Windsor-Essex. By integrating student volunteers in our efforts, we train the next generation of researchers and create a network of students engaged in research and innovation. Vision: An interdisciplinary student network that collaboratively supports health research and enhances education in Windsor-Essex.  Mission: Create unique collaborative volunteer opportunities for post-secondary students in the area of health research. Student Volunteer Progression      Apply Here The Student Volunteer Network is open to…

Tools and Resources For Students

Tools and Resources For Students "Creating Meaningful Research Experiences for Students During a Pandemic" was the title and goal of our first virtual brainstorming event, held June 30, 2020.  It was a great success, with over 60 participants including students, professors, physicians, researchers and administrators from across our partner institutions Hotel-Dieu Grace Healthcare, St. Clair College, University of Windsor, and Windsor Regional Hospital. The results are summarized here, into two tools. Creative Ways to Advance Student Research Ideas to Help Students Develop Soft Skills