Statistical Data Analysis and Data Management

Looking for Statistical Expertise?


Being a WE-SPARK Health Institute member and a formal affiliation with the University provides access to the statistical expertise of the Academic Data Centre (ADC) at the Leddy Library. The ADC can provide access to a variety of statistical and GIS software packages as well as individual consultation for statistical consultation with your research projects. 

The Academic Data Centre in Leddy Library provides support for all aspects of research data management, from writing a plan to implementing it to archiving data securely after the project completes. This is important as funding agencies move toward requiring researchers to have Data Management Plans (DMP) as part of their grant applications.



The Academic Data Centre


Research Electronic Data Capture (REDCap)


WE-SPARK Health Institute, with support provided by UWindsor IT services and ORIS, has acquired REDCap on behalf of our health researchers. REDCap is a secure web application for building and managing online surveys and databases. REDCap will allow our researchers to seamlessly collect, store and share PHIPA compliant health research data with collaborators efficiently and under one platform. To learn more about REDCap and to see if it is right for you click the link below.




WHO World Health Data Hub


WHO's World Health Data Hub provides an interactive digital platform and trusted source for global health data, fulfilling WHO’s commitment to provide health data as a public good. The platform brings together an ambitious product stack to deliver an end-to-end solution for WHO data processes. From collection to use the platform provides a world class experience leveraging innovative technology to address challenges and pain points. Explore some of our products below.


WHO World Health Data Hub