With a number of collaborative, cross-institutional research projects growing, we recognize the need to have shared tools available to all health research stakeholders.

WE-SPARK Health Institute, with support provided by UWindsor IT services and ORIS, has acquired REDCap on behalf of our health researchers. REDCap is a secure web application for building and managing online surveys and databases. It allows for the following features:

  • Easy database creation — no IT consultation needed
  • User friendly interface for form building and data entry
  • Supports longitudinal studies, clinical trials, operations research
  • PHIPAA-compliant
  • Collaborate with anyone from anywhere by adding them to your project
  • User Rights Module and Data Access Groups to control who can do what within your project
  • Extensive audit trail and logging of user activities
  • Automated data export option to most statistical packages
  • Customized functionality through External Modules and REDCap API

Is REDCap right for me?

REDCap is an excellent tool for collection, storage and providing access to your research data. Users will find that there are many advantageous features to using REDCap.

It is available at no charge to all WE-SPARK Health Institute members. Any members can request a personal consultation for their projects at the top of this page.

View a demo REDCap database


Please contact if you have any questions about REDCap.