Students Igniting Vaccine Confidence Program in Windsor-Essex

Students Igniting Vaccine Confidence Program in Windsor-Essex

Students Igniting Vaccine Confidence Program in Windsor-Essex

Dr. Dora Cavallo-Medved, Faculty of Biomedical Sciences, University of Windsor

Dr. Sarah Woodruff, Faculty of Human Kinetics, University of Windsor

Monica Staley Liang, Health Sciences, St. Clair College

Previously: Monica Tighe, St. Clair College

FUNDER: Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council (NSERC)


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WE-SPARK Health Institute

  • Ryan Palazzolo
  • Adriana Grande
  • Karen Metcalfe

This project brings together a diverse and interdisciplinary group of post-secondary students from St. Clair College and the University of Windsor.

Project Description

The Students Igniting Vaccine Confidence Program engages a multidisciplinary and diverse team of postsecondary students to work collaboratively to design activities, translate information, and educate all members of our regional community about COVID-19 vaccines. The program aims to achieve four main objectives: 1) identify and understand drivers of both vaccine confidence and hesitancy, particularly in students and young adults; 2) focus on the unique perspective of racially and ethnically diverse younger populations; 3) develop and implement evidence-based practices that effectively promote vaccine confidence by addressing personal, social and physical barriers to vaccine knowledge and trust; and 4) leverage community partners and empower early adopters to inspire trust, ensure equitable access, and foster greater COVID-19 vaccine confidence. 

The one-year extension of this program (as offered by NSERC) allows the team to pivot all four main objectives based on current provincial and campus mandates and the introduction of new vaccines and booster shots.

Social Media Campaigns

COVID-19 Vaccine Conversations Campaign

Check out our conversations in various languages: 

Why Did I Get Vaccinated?

Nellie Bordignon, Biomedical Science Undergraduate Student, University of Windsor

Ryan Palazzolo, Student Network Coordinator, WE-SPARK

Loretta Sbrocca, Education Graduate Student, University of Windsor

Jaclyn Ruta, Biomedical Science Undergraduate Student, University of Windsor

Jasleen Dayal, Political Science Undergraduate Student,
UWSA President, University of Windsor

Zoë Miller, Biomedical Science Undergraduate Student, University of Windsor

Adriana Grande, Knowledge Translation & NUCLEUS Coordinator, WE-SPARK

Bhavya Bablani, Data Analytics International Student & Director of SRC, St. Clair College

Patrick Lauzon, Engineering Undergraduate Student, University of Windsor

Tools & Resources

COVID-19 Vax Facts Quiz: Take this quiz to learn more about COVID-19 vaccines and build your vaccine confidence!

Also Available in Spanish: Datos sobre las Vacunas COVID-19

COVID-19 & Vaccination: A guide for parents, guardians, and children. 


Our vaccine confidence team hosted a webinar on December 2nd from 6-7pm,"Sparking Vaccine Confidence Among Students of Windsor-Essex." This event featured 5 panelists including a science expert, a frontline worker and students answering a variety of questions regarding their experience with COVID-19 vaccine hesitancies.


Daily News-University of Windsor (August, 2021): Researchers Teaming Build COVID-19 Vaccine Confidence Among Students&Young Adults

Daily News-University of Windsor (November, 2021): Students Lead Campaign to Address Vaccine Hesitancy

Windsor Star (November, 2021): Student-Lead Online Event to Address Vaccine Hesitancy Among Windsor-Essex Young People

Blackburn News (November, 2021): Student-Lead Event to Address COVID-19 Vaccine Hesitancy

AM800 (November, 2021): Upcoming Event Focused on Addressing Vaccine Hesitancy Among Youth

Daily News-University of Windsor (November, 2021): Webinar Intended to Boost Confidence in Vaccine Safety and Efficacy

CBC News (January, 2022): Vaccination Coverage Low in Windsor's COVID Hot Spots and Among Young Adults.

CTV News (October, 2022): Art installation by post-secondary students aims to boost COVID vaccine confidence

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