COVID-19 Resources

General COVID-19 Information

General COVID-19 Information Windsor-Essex County Public Health COVID Information Windsor-Essex County Health Unit Guidelines on COVID Safety Windsor-Essex Testing and Self-Assessment Government of Canada Self-Assessment Tool & App How Coronavirus Spreads What Researchers Have To Say About COVID-19 Cancer and COVID-19 Coping with Cancer After a Disaster How to Isolate When Someone is Sick with COVID-19 at home Guidance for Households With Possible COVID-19 Infection

Statistics & Numbers

Statistics & Numbers World statistics Canada Statistics Ontario Statistics Windsor/Essex Statistics Vector Institute, Toronto

Mental Health

Mental Health Windsor-Essex County Health Unit Guidelines on Mental Health Coronavirus & Mental Health Government of Ontario Mental Health Support Crisis Text Line MindShift App & CBT How to Cope with Social Distancing Talking to Youth about Coronavirus Centre for Loss & Coronavirus Coping with Cancer and COVID-19 Working from Home with COVID-19 With and Without Children Helping Teens Cope With the Impacts of and Restrictions Related to COVID-19 Student Wellness and COVID-19 Psychological First Aid During the Pandemic Windsor Downtown Mission Distress Centre How to Care for Someone At Home with COVID-19 - Advice for Caregivers Windsor-Essex Counselling Support Line An Article About Guarding Mental Health During the COVID-19 Pandemic  A Guide to Understanding Addiction Relapse During COVID-19 and Tips for Remaining Sober

For Researchers: Funding, Publications, Databases & Resources

For Researchers: Funding, Publications, Databases & Resources Funding: WE-SPARK Rapid Response Grants Pandemic Response & Impact Grant Program CHIR Operating Grant: Knowledge Synthesis: COVID-19 in Mental Health and Substance Use Fast Grants for COVID-19 Science: 48-hour Turn-Around CIHR & Coronavirus NIH & Coronavirus Innovation Solutions Canada Ontario Together Govn't Programs InfoED Global Funding Opportunities NIH Funding PSI Foundation Funding database National Research Council of Canada’s Pandemic Response Challenge Program CIFAR’s AI and COVID-19 Catalyst Grants (one member of the research team must be a CIFAR Program Member) NSERC Alliance COVID-19 grants Publications: Inhibition of SARS-CoV-2 infections in engineered human tissues using clinical-grade soluble human ACE2 Databases & Resources WE-SPARK Collaboration Platform CanCOVID State of the Science Reports which cover viral composition, symptoms and disease and viral transmissions CanCOVID Speakers Series Videos Resources for researchers and clinicians responding to the COVID-19…

For Children and Teens

For Children and Teens What is Coronavirus? Windsor-Essex County Health Unit Guidelines on COVID Safety Get Support Kids Help Phone & Coronavirus Being Immunocompromised Coronavirus Explained Staying Safe

For Healthcare Providers

For Healthcare Providers Windsor-Essex County Health Unit Guidelines for Professionals CDC Info for Health Care Professionals Support for Healthcare Providers Ontario COVID-19 Mental Health Network

Vulnerable Populations

Vulnerable Populations Windsor-Essex County Health Unit Guidelines for High Risk Groups Windsor-Essex County Health Unit Guidelines for Migrant Workers

Workplace Safety

Workplace Safety Windsor-Essex County Health Unit Workplace Safety Guidelines St. Clair College Resources and Information COVID-19 Employee Handbook Students Safe Return to Campus Guidebook College Site Plan COVID FAQs Resources University of Windsor Resources and Information Masks for Staff and Students Zone and Flow Analysis Return to Campus Framework Health, Safety & Wellness Guiding Principles for Resumption to Campus Activities Latest COVID-19 News COVID19 FAQs Community Stories

Local Information & Updates

Local Information & Updates Windsor Regional Hospital & Coronavirus Hotel Dieu & Coronavirus Windsor Regional Hospital Assessment Centre Windsor/Essex Statistics Financial Support

Regional Information & Updates

Regional Information & Updates Detroit Health Department CBC News London Health Sciences Centre