Knowledge Translation

The WE-SPARK Knowledge Translation Cycle 

“Knowledge Translation (KT) is a process of exchange between researchers and ‘knowledge users’ designed to make relevant research information available and accessible to stakeholders for use in learning, practice, planning and policy-making.”

Our WE-SPARK Knowledge Translation (KT) Committee develops tools to support researchers at all stages of the KT cycle. These tools will help you translate and apply research information to inspire and drive change. We are continuously adding and updating these tools, so check back often.



1. What is KT?

KT Processes and Strategies

KT Toolkit (Coming 2021)

2. KT Planning

KT Planning Checklist

KT Planning Checklist Worksheet

Support Successful Collaborations - Acronyms

Tips for KT Planning

3. KT Development

The Infographic Guide

Virtual Infographic Workshop Recording

4. KT Implementation

The Infographic Guide

Virtual Infographic Workshop Recording

5. Ongoing KT EvaluationComing 2021
6. Other Best PracticesUWindsor OHREA  Accessibility Info Cards (*refer back to their website for updates)



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The KT Gallery (Coming 2021)

A place to showcase our members' KT materials.