COVID Surveillance Platform

A Windsor solution to rapidly detect COVID-19 in the University of Windsor and St. Clair College community.

We expanded our currently funded projects to create a COVID-19 detection platform for our community through saliva swab surveillance testing and wastewater monitoring:

Dr. Yufeng Tong's WE-SPARK Igniting Discovery Grant 

Dr. Mike Mckay's NSERC, CFI, and Ontario MECP Grants

Together, we formed a multi-disciplinary team to further heighten our defences against COVID-19.


Project Phases

Phase 1 Overview (link to PDF)

Our Team

Study Oversight - Dr. Lisa Porter 

Lab Oversight - Dr. Yufeng Tong; Dr. Mike McKay

Compliance and Participant Satisfaction - Dr. Kendall Soucie 

Study Manager - Jackie Fong 

Laboratory Manager - Dr. Qiudi Geng 

Laboratory Personnel - Philip Habashy

Health and Safety - Dr. Dorota Lubanska, in consultation with Sherri Menard 

Data Management - Kyle Lago (WE-SPARK); John Ulakovich (St. Clair College); Dr. Pooya Zadeh (UWindsor)

Industry Partner - S.M. Research Inc. 

Interactive Dashboard

Coming Soon!