Dr. Simon Rondeau-Gagné

Dr. Simon Rondeau-Gagné

Dr. Simon Rondeau-Gagné

core principal researcher

Associate Professor, Chemistry and Biochemistry, University of Windsor


Dr. Simon Rondeau-Gagné completed his M.Sc and Ph.D in Chemistry at Université Laval in Québec, Canada. He previously was a Postdoctoral Scholar in Chemical Engineering at Stanford University in Stanford, California, USA. 

His research group focuses its research on the development and synthesis of new materials for the next generation of electronic devices. Throughout their research, a special emphasis is put on supramolecular chemistry and self-assembly for designing materials that can be repaired after suffering from strain and environmental damages (self-healing properties).  Their group also use π-conjugated materials to create conjugated polymer nanoparticles (CPNs), an evolving class of organic nanomaterials that has attracted a lot of attention in the materials science community, as new materials were shown to be biocompatible and stable in aqueous media while maintaining the favourable optoelectronic properties of the parent conjugated polymer. 

Currently Held Funding

Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council (NSERC), Seeds4Hope, WE-SPARK Igniting Discovery

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