Dr. Jody Ralph

Dr. Jody Ralph

Dr. Jody Ralph

associate researcher

Associate Professor, Faculty of Nursing, University of Windsor


Dr. Jody Ralph is an Associate Professor in the Faculty of Nursing at the University of Windsor. She is currently the Acting Associate Dean for Graduate Programs within the Faculty of Nursing. She has a BSc (Biology), BSN, MN (Nursing Education), and PhD (Pathology and Laboratory Medicine).

As a researcher with a nursing background, Dr. Ralph has a desire to perform research that has direct application to patient care. This means that if we understand the environmental effects on our genes, we may be able to treat some diseases more effectively. A particular area of interest for her is epigenetics, which is modifications of the DNA that affect its expressivity. Epigenetic mechanisms are heavily influenced by our lifestyle (nutrition, activity, health behaviours) and the environment around us, which means that we may be able to target these changes more easily and with less risks to patient. Dr. Ralph has also participated in research focused on maternal and newborn health, nursing education, and nursing practice.

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