Dr. Kyle Jackson

Dr. Kyle Jackson

Dr. Kyle Jackson

core principal researcher

Professor, St. Clair College



Dr. Jackson holds a PhD in Political Studies from Queen’s University with a focus on social justice. He held a Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council Award during both his Master's in Political Science at Western University and PhD at Queen's. He has 5 peer-reviewed publications and a book project in progress. He is proud to serve on the WE-SPARK Research Development Committee.

His dissertation, and current research, explore LGBTQ2+ rights in Canada and Jamaica in both state and societal spaces. Dr. Jackson also currently studies youth homelessness in Windsor through an intersectional lens, as part of a research team at St. Clair College with funding from NSERC. All of his research attempts to understand, and ultimately challenge, the multiple systems and structures that oppress various social groups in Canada, paying attention to how these power relations affect health, human rights, and wellbeing.   

Currently Held Funding

Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council (NSERC)

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