Caring for our Caregivers

Caring for our Caregivers

Caring for our Caregivers: Effectiveness of Single Session Teletherapy in Alleviating Health Care Workers’ Distress Throughout the COVID-19 Outbreak

Dr. Josée Jarry

University of Windsor

FUNDER: WE-SPARK Health Institute and Office of Research and Innovation, University of Windsor


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Preliminary evidence shows that the current COVID-19 pandemic is causing significant distress in the general population such as increased anxiety and depression. It also has been shown to cause substantial depression, anxiety, insomnia, and distress in medical staff exposed to COVID-19 in China. Medical staff distress may adversely affect patients in their care. The documented adverse impact of COVID-19 on the mental health of the general population and of health care workers calls for easily accessible, free, and competent psychological help than can be given remotely. The goal of this project is to assess the effectiveness of a single-session online psychotherapy (i.e. teletherapy) to alleviate psychological distress caused by COVID-19 among health care workers and the larger community. 


Therapy Team

  • Sanya Sagar
  • Ashley Howard
  • Healey Gardiner
  • Noam Simon

Supervision Team

  • Josée Jarry
  • Annette Dufresne

Windsor Regional Hospital

  • Allison Johnson
  • Rasna Gupta