COVID Recovery Program (CRP)

COVID Recovery Program (CRP)

COVID Recovery Program (CRP) Evaluation

Dr. Jennifer Voth

Hôtel Dieu Grace Healthcare

FUNDER: Hôtel Dieu Grace Healthcare

COLLABORATORS: Rehab Care Alliance

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HDGH is offering a range of specialized Post-COVID Recovery health care services, which use a comprehensive assessment to diagnose, treat and rehabilitate individuals with complex and multiple medical, functional, and psychosocial issues related to COVID-19 infection.

This program offers individualized education, treatment and supports provided by interprofessional teams of health professionals in an outpatient setting.  Supported referrals to community service providers, specialized programs and services will be provided to patients as required and based on needs.

The evaluation plan being conducted will inform planning, evaluation and management functions about the COVID Recovery Program (CRP) at HDGH. The evaluation framework will inform HDGH activities related to the implementation of the CRP; the design and implementation of various data collection and analytic activities; and decisions within the organization related to ongoing activities and strategic directions (management) with regards to providing rehabilitation services for the recovery from COVID-19 infection among members of the Windsor-Essex community. 


  • Jason Petro
  • Sonya Vani
  • Rosie Pipitone-Middleton
  • Jenniffer Clifford
  • Janice Dawson
  • Bianca Pirillo
  • Rachel Gough
  • Marla Jackson