WE-SPARK is in the process of building an inventory of existing facilities, as well as our gaps and needs. Please check back often.


We have several research pipelines that are made up of multiple core facilities and require highly trained technicians and cutting-edge equipment. These pipelines are critical in addressing regional health issues, advancing innovation and technology and driving outcomes that support a healthier community.


 Cores Used

Drug Development and Screening

Innovative technologies are used to test the  responses of patient samples to drugs with the goal of developing more effective drugs for different diseases including cancer.

  • Chemistry synthesis/analytical core lab
  • Essex CORe
  • Physics Imaging core
  • Flow cytometry
  • Histology
  • Zfish screening facility
  • Mouse facility
  • Clinical trials

Personalized Medicine

Cutting-edge technologies are used to test the genomic/proteomic and epigenomic signature of patient samples with the goal of matching patients to the best treatments.

  • Mass spectrometry core
  • Essex CORe
  • GLIER genomics core
  • Flow cytometry
  • Computational biology core
  • St Clair College 5G network
  • Clinical trials

Regenerative Medicine

Researchers are working together to study different regenerative systems and to engineer solutions for patients including novel medical devices.

  • Stem cell diagnostics core
  • Physics imaging core
  • Essex CORe
  • Histology core
  • Human performance core
  • St Clair biotech lab

Recovery and Rehabilitation

Researchers across the partnership are working together to test new solutions for post-injury recovery and rehabilitation solutions

  • Human performance core

Environmental Health

Researchers are monitoring our external environment (land, water, soil) and testing for compounds with toxic effects to humans

  • Chemistry synthesis/analytics core lab
  • Essex CORe
  • GLIER genomics core
  • GLIER chemical tracers lab
  • GLIER organic analysis nutrient lab
  • GLIER centre for geospatial analysis
  • Zebrafish screening facility