Workshop: The Most Abnormal Recession in Canada's History: The Economic Impacts of COVID-19​

Please join us on Thursday, May 6th from 4pm – 5:30pm EDT, as we discuss the impact of Canada's COVID-19 response strategy on employment, poverty, the financial sector, housing markets, and the longer-term impact of increased federal debt.​

​Event Panel​

Moderator: ​
Sue Horton, PhD, FCAHS, FRSC​

Guy Gellatly, PhD​
Principal Researcher at Statistics Canada. Dr. Gellatly will analyze the differential impacts of the pandemic on output, employment, and poverty.​

Avery Shenfeld, PhD​
Managing Director and Chief Economist of CIBC Capital Markets. Dr. Shenfeld will provide projections as to how the Canadian economy will recover from the COVID-19 shock, including effects on the housing market and the fiscal position, and any legacy effects that could persist post-COVID.​

Michael Smart, PhD​
Professor of Economics at University of Toronto and co-founder of Finances of the Nation. Dr. Smart will discuss how government spending to battle the pandemic will impact the fiscal space for federal, provincial/territorial, and municipal governments going forward.​

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