Infographic Workshop

Date / Time:
January 29th 2021 7:00 am - 8:00 am
Windsor, ON, CA
This We-spark Events ( Past Event ) Has Ended

Our Infographic Workshop provided the 150 participants with a step-by-step process for creating infographics. Attendees joined us from ove

  • I want to update the Ask The Expert photo on the cancer page (the image on the actual page, not the overview page) and it shows the old version there, but not on WebOS. So I can’t delete the old one.

r 22 different organizations and they received The Infographic Guide to use as a reference for future projects.

Thank you to our panelists for sharing their time, insights, and expertise with us:

Dr. Sarah Woodruff, Kinesiology, University of Windsor

Frank Ely (PhD Candidate), Kinesiology University of Windsor

Jenna Fiala (Undergraduate Student), Kinesiology, University of Windsor

Sabrina Bours (Undergraduate Student), Kinesiology, University of Windsor

Megan Pidgeon (Student), Graphic Design & Advertising Program, St. Clair College.

To watch the recording, visit our YouTube channel.