Erie Shores HealthCare launches research department

Sep 07, 2023

Erie Shores HealthCare launched a new academic research department this month.

The Academic Office for Research will be open to all clinicians and students interested in research.

"The work that we're doing in research will ensure that we are providing the best possible care and practices right at the bedside," said Neelu Sehgal, director of interprofessional practice and research and chief nursing executive.

Research will be focused on efficiency, effectiveness, and collaboration.

"We've been doing amazing quality improvement work already, it's just about formalizing that process and having an official academic research office within Erie Shores Healthcare," said Sehgal

WESPARK Health Institute announced funding for three projects out of the Erie Shores Academic Officer for Research last week.

The first three projects will explore the effectiveness of the Ontario Naloxone program, evaluate the benefits of having cancer care in rural settings, and evaluate service gaps in mental health care in rural hospitals.