Breast cancer social scholar published in the Conversation Canada

Oct 21, 2020

The University of Windsor’s Jane McArthur, a PhD candidate in sociology/social justice, has recently had an article published in the Conversation Canada on what she says sheds lights on issues not addressed in current breast cancer awareness initiatives.

“As COVID-19 makes abundantly clear, our health exists in a nested set of relationships, each part of the whole interacting and influencing each other,” says McArthur, a SSHRC Doctoral Fellow Investigating Women’s Narratives of Breast Cancer.

“Climate change, institutionalized racism, political unrest and more also make the nestedness of our overall health clear. So does breast cancer. Addressing environmental, occupational, and social factors that influence the development of the disease is as important as ever as we move forward with public health policies that prioritize prevention.”

Read McArthur’s article here: