Entrepreneurial Team Adversity

Entrepreneurial Team Adversity

Entrepreneurial Team Adversity

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The purpose of this research study is to understand how startup teams perceive, manage and overcome adversity. Our focus is on the social dynamics that enable entrepreneurial teams to overcome the myriad of adversities that they face. 

What Does The Study Involve?

The study team is looking for entrepreneurial teams, which can include the original founding team or current senior leadership team.  They are looking for businesses in the development stage (1-5 years operating).  We ask that at least two members are willing to participate before registering.


Those teams interested will participate in two (approx. 1 hour) interviews, spaced four months apart. You will be discussing your experiences encountering and managing various challenges in entrepreneurship. Interviews will be conducted virtually over zoom with each team member.

Treatment Offered


Principal Investigator

Dr. Kyle Brykman

Who Is Needed?


Entrepreneurial Teams

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