Introduction to GIS with ArcGIS Pro

This workshop is hosted by Leddy Library. Have you heard the term "GIS" and wondered what it was all about? Geographic information systems (GIS) has provided a powerful platform to turn geographic data into information so that you can understand where things are, how and why things are related, and what actions to take. This beginner workshop will introduce you to the fundamental concepts of GIS and geospatial data. Through the use of the ArcGIS Pro (the latest GIS desktop from Esri), you will learn how to visualize and explore real-world features on a GIS map, how to access information to discover feature patterns and relationships, and to create and publish a map for sharing and communication.

Please note: Previous experience with GIS is not required for this workshop, but participants need to have the latest versions of ArcGIS Pro installed.

Wednesday April 7 12:00-1:00pm.

Join the workshop using this link. More information about other research data workshops can be found on the Leddy Library website.