Webinar: Predicting diseases through machine learning models

About the webinar:

How can we improve our understanding and ability to predict different diseases? Dr. Lewis created disease prediction models using CanPath questionnaire data. A standardized data analysis platform was used to create different types of disease predictive models that will contain insights about risk factors for the disease. Some of the advanced models in this platform have been previously applied to predicting prostate cancer and have shown significantly better predictive accuracy than the best publicly available prostate cancer predictive models.  

This platform can be efficiently applied to the prediction of dozens of diseases, such as cancers, cardiovascular diseases, pulmonary diseases, diabetes, and neurological disorders, using CanPath questionnaire data. Once all predictive models have been created for each disease, the models can help us understand the global risk factors of diseases, as well as how risk factors change for different subpopulations, such as over different ages and genders. The predictive models will be made available for public use and new insights about disease risk factors will be published to improve our understanding of diseases. 

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