Public Health Ontario Webinar: Catch-Up of Routine and School Based Immunization

The COVID-19 pandemic has posed significant challenges to the delivery of routine and recommended immunizations, including limited public health capacity to deliver school based immunization programs leaving many children and adolescents under-immunized, susceptible to vaccine preventable diseases and in need of catch-up vaccines. Catch-up immunization schedules are available to address missed and/or delayed vaccines, but can be challenging to apply in practice.

This session will provide an overview of key principles of immunization record assessment and catch-up for school-aged children and adolescents. Through the use of case studies, participants will gain familiarity with applying Ontario’s publicly funded immunization schedules (routine, school-based and catch-up programs) and extended eligibility guidance to common scenarios. An overview of strategies and successes for training new health unit staff will be provided.

Intended audience: Public health practitioners (e.g., nurses, public health nurses, physicians, public health managers) who perform and or educate staff on immunization record assessment and catch-up activities.

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