Choosing Hope: Canadian Cancer Research (CHCCR) Symposium

The Canadian Cancer Society (CCS) Research Information Outreach Teams (RIOT) are excited to announce Choosing Hope: Canadian Cancer Research (CHCCR) Symposium.
On Friday, April 8th at 3-5pm EDT (12-2pm PDT), this special 2-hour virtual symposium will host over 16 speakers representing institutes across Canada, to showcase the groundbreaking research addressing the complex challenges in cancer research from basic science to translational cancer research. 
CHCCR celebrates the cancer research done by scientists, clinicians, and trainees. This involves effectively communicating complex research topics, creative activity, and the broader impact to the Canadian cancer community (non-scientific audience) in 3-minutes or less. This presentation will be supported with a single, static powerpoint slide. Audience-choice awards for best trainee talks will be given! 
Applications for Graduate Student and Trainee talks are now open. Please visit this page for more information:

If you have any questions, please email Co-Directors Claire Park and Olha Haydaychuk at