International Congress on Covid-19™

ICCovid 2020™ will be held on December 7-9, 2020 in San Francisco. ICCovid 2020 is a leading forum in research and drug developmen for the prevention and treatment of Covid-19. The Congress will highlight the latest accomplishments in Covid-19 research and best practice in patient care.

The theme of the 2020 Congress is “United Front Against Covid-19”.

ICCovid 2020 encourages new concepts and hypotheses on the etiology and potential prevention or treatment therapy, and best practice in Covid-19 patient care.


General guidelines for preparing an abstract to ICCovid 2020

Your abstract should fit into one page of standard letter size (US letter size, 8½ inches wide and 11 inches long), using font ARIAL size 12, with a layout margin of 1 inch left and right, and 1 inch top and bottom. Approximately 460-480 words of font Arial size 12 fit in to one letter size page. A scientific abstract normally consists of the following headers with suggested number of words to fit into one leter size page with some flexibility.

1. Title of the abstract: Keep in Concise, Capitalize Each Word: about 20 words

2. Authors and Organization: about 10 words

3. Background: about 100 words

4. Methods: A brief description of the experimental method- about 160 words.

5. Results: A brief description of results, about 150 words

6. Conclusion: about 30 words

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