Sharing Our Knowledge: Indigenous Herbal Medicine

Hosted by the University of Windsor's Center for Teaching and Learning.

Instructor: Joe Pitawanakwat

Understanding Awaadiziwin (knowledge/culture) and its role in achieving Bimaadiziwin (life).

In this workshop, we will learn about story-telling plant medicine knowledge and its role in the management of the Chronic Disease Epidemic and associated morbidities. We will learn about disease pathology and why Culture is the only appropriate intervention. We will acknowledge various cultural components as unique human gifts necessary for life: Plant medicines, fasting, cold-immersion, heat-immersion, exercise/movement, diet/nutrition.

We will focus, of course, on the (provided) plant medicines and their mechanisms. With us all at a solid understanding of this knowledge (awaadiziwin) and how it is required to achieve life itself (bimaadiziwin) the conversation then, necessarily focuses on the unique human ability to engage in reciprocal relationships with medicines themselves, and our roles and responsibilities to Aki, the land.

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