Fundraiser to connect community with research superheroes

May 31, 2024

May is brain tumour awareness month, and the local community

is coming together to raise funds for research.

Research saved her life, says Mckenna Lumley, a 14-year brain tumour survivor who just completed her first year of studies in the School of Dramatic Art.

“I recognize the diagnostic technology, surgical techniques, innovations, medications, and expertise that went into me having the wonderful outcomes and life I have now,” she says. “I’m proud of the research taking place at the University of Windsor and am excited to play a small role in supporting local researchers.”

Lumley and her mother Karen Metcalfe, assistant director of the WE-Spark Health Institute, are among the organizers of Connecting for a Cause, a fundraiser in support of the Windsor Cancer Centre Foundation.

The event, 5 to 8 p.m. Friday, May 31, in the Essex Centre of Research atrium, will offer a chance to meet brain tumour researchers and tour their laboratories, connecting with local superheroes.

“I personally know people who have not survived or struggle after treatment,” Lumley says. “I truly believe it is up to those of us who are fortunate enough to have positive outcomes to support and give hope to those who haven’t had the same experience.”

Biochemistry professor Nick Vukotic lost his mother to a brain tumour well before he had his own lab.

“Now as a researcher my group focuses on developing new drug release materials to improve medical treatments,” he says. “Seed funding significantly increases the number of new approaches we can try and gives us the opportunity to test new ones.”

Teams and individuals who participate in the fundraising campaign will sponsor a research grant through WE-Spark.

Learn more and sign up to join the cause on the campaign website.