Introduction to Data Visualization in R Using ggplot2

This workshop is hosted by Leddy Library. It will focus on a powerful graphics language for producing complex plots from data in a data frame using the R programming language. Based on a Grammar of Graphics (as developed by Hadley Wickham) the ggplot2 R library allows one to concisely describe the components of a graphic. Specific learning objectives include:

  • Understanding the logic of ggplot building blocks and layering and the basic structure of a plot
  • Showing how to produce a bar graph, a scatter plot and a line graph, including animated plotting using gganimate and plot
  • Covering some of the data cleaning functions necessary in order to get raw data into the right shape and format for the visualizations desired

Requirements: Some previous exposure to R is encouraged and/or attending the Introduction to R webinar. Participants need to have R and RStudio installed.

Thursday February 18 from 12:00-1:00pm

Join the workshop using this link. More information about other research data workshops can be found on the Leddy Library website.