Dr. Marcus Drover

Dr. Marcus Drover

Dr. Marcus Drover

core principal researcher

Assistant Professor, University of Windsor, Faculty of Science


Dr. Marcus Drover began his chemistry career at Memorial University of Newfoundland, completing a B.Sc. (Hons.) degree in Chemistry. In 2016, he was granted his doctorate in chemistry from the University of British Columbia. As a PhD student, Marcus was also a Michael-Smith visiting scholar at the University of Oxford in Oxford, England. In 2017, he was co-chair of the Organometallics Gordon Research Seminar in Salve Regina, RI, USA. In 2017, he began work as a joint Resnick Prize Fellow in Sustainability Science and NSERC Banting fellow at the California Institute of Technology. On July 1, 2019 Marcus began his independent career as an assistant professor at the University of Windsor.

Dr. Drover's research group spans the traditional bounds of synthetic inorganic and organic chemistry, with an overarching goal to develop new functional molecules: ligands, transition metal complexes, and main group compounds that promote the equitable use of resources, specifically with regard to global hydrogen, carbon, nitrogen, and oxygen cycles.

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