Think Tank - October 13th, 2023

Date / Time:
October 13th 2023 1:00 pm - 3:00 pm
Windsor, ON, CA
Free: Free

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Measuring the cognitive workload and user experience of patients and healthcare professionals in telehealth

Francesco Biondi, PhD
Faculty of Human Kinetics, University of Windsor

Given that telehealth plays a significant role in today's healthcare industry, Dr. Biondi is looking to find potential collaborators in the medical area who work in the field of ergonomics, human factors, and occupational safety to create a research proposal that investigates the human factors involved in telehealth. He woudl also love the opportunity to talk with hospital administrators and people working in industry

Pharmacogenomics: Using Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) Technologies to Provide Personalized Treatment Solutions at Hôtel-Dieu Grace Healthcare

Raj Atikukke, PhD
ITOS Oncology

Individual patients' genetic profiles are used to guide treatment protocols for various diseases including cancer, mental illness, and geriatric medical issues. This approach has been shown to be more effective and with fewer adverse drug reactions (ADR) for some patients. Dr. Atikukke is partnering with HDGH to explore providing genomic solutions for better patient outcomes. He is looking to partner with healthcare professionals and researchers to discuss the most pressing questions that could be addressed using this approach. Please join this conversation if you are a: researchers who works in the field of genomics; a clinician or healthcare professional who is interested in genomics/personalized medicine; a student interested in working in database development and integration. 

Falls and ED visits: Are we doing it right?

Munira Sultana, MBBS, MPH, PhD
Erie Shores HealthCare

Dr. Sultana is looking for partners to implement a Falls Prevention Program at their facility/home. The majority of the patients presenting falls/near falls come from the community/retirement homes. The return visit rate after falls is also high at Erie Shores Healthcare (ESHC). A falls prevention program adopted by community partners may help reduce ED visits at ESHC. A collaborative program may have a greater impact and can reduce the burden of falls on the patient and their family. 

Desired Audience:
1. People having history of falls;
2. Family/caregivers of people having history of falls;
3. Nursing home staff;
4. Researchers interested in falls prevention in the community;
5. Organizations/companies interested in creating an app/device to be used by individuals to collect data on falls/near falls and connecting that information in hospitals.