Think Tank - June 23rd, 2023

Date / Time:
June 23rd 2023 1:00 pm - 3:00 pm
Windsor, ON, CA
Free: Free

Finding solutions together that take into account the real experiences of providing care to those living with Borderline Personality Disorder in Ontario

Aman Ahluwalia-Cameron (she/her), M.SW., R.SW.
School of Social Work, University of Windsor

Readiness of healthcare professionals to care for children and youths with medical complexities in regional hospitals and community settings

Joanne Tay, R.N., M.PH., PH.D.
Faculty of Nursing, University of Windsor

Endometriosis: Lateral flow assays moving beyond the antibody paradigm

John Trant, PhD
Faculty of Chemistry & Biochemistry, University of Windsor

Overview: Endometriosis, the growth of uterine tissue outside the uterus in the body cavity, may affect up to 20% of all women. We just don’t know, as the only diagnostic tool is laparoscopy and this is not routinely performed unless there are secondary considerations (normally unbearable pain or fertility issues). So most women with the disease are undiagnosed, and often their pain is not taken seriously by the medical system. Endometriosis has no reliable treatment except surgery, and it often reoccurs. In recent years a series of biomarkers have been associated with the disease. None are predictive in themselves, but combined they might be promising. We are looking to develop a multi-biomarker semi-quantitative point-of-care lateral flow assay coupled with machine learning approaches to address this disease and are looking for clinical partners who can help provide patient tissue from the disease, both positive and negative for endo, to validate the assay.

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