Think Tank - February 10th, 2023

Date / Time:
February 10th 2023 1:00 pm - 3:00 pm
Windsor, ON, CA
Free: Free

Speakers and Topics

TOPIC 1: Postpartum Breast Cancer Perspectives: Awareness, Care, and Experiences
Presenter: Isabelle Hinch (she/her)
, PhD Student, Biomedical Sciences, University of Windsor 
This project is looking to explore a mixed methods approach to understand the experiences of postpartum breast cancer patients. They are specifically looking for collaborators in psychology, nursing, women’s health, oncology and lactation. 

TOPIC 2: Translational Control in Brain Aging and Disorders
Presenter: Vijendra Sharma, PhD, Biomedical Sciences, University of Windsor 

Description: A new researcher to our region, Vijendra Sharma is looking to share some information on his latest research in hopes of making new connections and collaborations locally, expand his research program and support the work of others

TOPIC 3: Solving Health problems Together: Connecting Kinesiology Expertise with our Community Needs
Presenter: Joel Cort, PhD, Kinesology, University of Windsor 
Description: This discussion is looking to hear from community partners in health care, industry, public health, etc., and help address real problems that need to be solved.

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